Gallery II : Wood , bronze & stone works of art from the Gothic , Renaissance , 17th century period - Haute Epoque

Saint Barbara

Carved oak panel showing Saint Barbara with tower, palmbranch and a skull at Her feet
Dimensions  : height 20.5cm - width 15cm
Early 17th century


The Resurrection of Christ

Retable carving ( fragment )
Height : 38.5cm
Circa 1500
French or Belgian



Polychromed wood
Height : 20cm
18th - 19th century
Spain or Colonial Spain



Cristo Vivo

Carved wood with Original polychrome paint
Length : 33cm
18th century

Mounted on a modern base
Total height : 42cm



Statue of a draped woman

Bronze ( with traces of gilding )
Hollow cast
Representing one of the Goddesses of the four seasons
Probably a part from a cabinet
Height : 17cm
17th century
Flemish ( Belgian ) or French

Mounted with hand forged iron nails on a walnut base
Total height : 22cm


Virgin Mary with the Arma Christi

Miniature oil painting on copper
Showing the kneeling Madonna with the Passion instruments
Dimensions of the miniature painting : 13.5cm - 11.5cm
Late 17th century
Flanders  (Belgium) or French

Mounted in a later wooden frame
Dimensions of the frame : 16cm - 14cm


Retable carving

Carved oak
Dimensions : height 24.5cm - width 18cm
Early 16th century
Southern Netherlands


Christ as the Good Shepperd

Miniature oil painting on copper
Dimensions : height 16cm - width 13cm
17th century
Flanders - Belgium

Mounted in a later oak frame
Dimensions : height 17.5cm - width 14.5cm


The Resurrection of Christ

Carved oak panel
Showing the Resurrection of Christ with two Roman soldiers
Dimensions of the carving : height 35cm - width 23.5cm
Early 17th century
Netherlandish or German

The panel is mounted in a 19th century oak door / frame
Dimensions : height 49cm - width 33cm


Christ - Ecce Homo

Oil on canvas
Fragment from a larger painting
16th century
Laid on a later wooden panel
Dimensions of the painting : 31.5cm - 27.5cm
Mounted in 19th century wooden frame
Dimensions of the frame : 42cm - 38.5cm
Spanish or Italian

Paint losses and some old repaintings

Naive figurative carved panel

Depicting a praying female holding a Cross  above a male figure looking upwards
Oak wood
Part from a chest or piece of furniture
Length 56cm - 16.5cm wide and 4 cm deep
17th century



Carved oak
Length : 29.5cm
Early 16th century
Flanders - Brabant region

Mounted on a later wooden base
Total height : 35cm


The Resurrection of Lazarus

Master drawing
Executed in ink and grey wash
Size : 23cm - 20.5cm
17th century
French school

Mounted behind glass in a modern black wooden frame
Size of the frame : 53cm - 43cm



 Apostle figure

Saint Peter
Carved oak
Height : 39.5cm
16th century
German - probably Upper Rhine region


Retable figure

Showing the torturer from the Flagellation of Christ
The whip in his raised hand is missing
Oak wood
Height : 28.5cm
16th century
Mounted on a velvet covered modern base
Total height : 36.5cm
Probably Belgian



Susanna and the Elders

Carved oak panel - coffer front
Measurements :  height 43cm - width 67cm  - depth 4cm
Measurements of the panel : height 23cm - width 46cm
16th century

Two elders watch Susanna as she bathes. They later approach Susanna and demand she have sex with them or they will falsely accuse her of cheating on her husband with a young man. She rejects the offer and shouts for help. In court, Susanna stands against her accusers but is proclaimed guilty of infidelity. On her way to execution, Daniel is led by God to tell the people to return for a retrial. Daniel questions each elder individually and discovers their lie. Susanna is freed and the two elders are put to death instead.



Linenfold panel

Carved oak
Measurements:  height 46cm - width 19cm
17th century
French or English


Saint - Apostle

Length 50.5cm
14th - 15th century
French or Spanish - Pyrenees ?

Mounted on a later velvet covered base
Total height 53.5cm



Lion head carving

Carved walnut
Length 34cm
16th - 17th century
Probably French